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1.    The starting and adjudicating amounts will be in euros.

2.    Purchase orders below estimated starting price cannot be considered.

3.    Sales will be paid cash, credit card, or bank transfer in EURO currency only. 

4.    AUREO & CALICO are entitled to depart from the order of the numbers in the catalogue, to gather or divide any lot, and to withdraw them according to its own criteria.

5.    Lots will be adjudicated to the highest bidder. Purchase orders in writing received by post, fax or e-mail for the same amount will entered in the order in which they were received.

6.    AUREO & CALICÓ will not assume responsibility in case of failure or break-down of the ON-LINE mode due to outside forces or third parties.

7.    The sale price will be increased with an additional auction fee of 18%, VAT included (eighteen per cent).  In the cases in which the acquired lots have to be sent outside Spain, except as otherwise provided by law, the buyer should bear in mind an exportation license, which will be required before their issuance. If the shipping destination is within the European Union, there is no need to pay export taxes, the administrative and customs management expenses will be paid by AUREO & CALICÓ. If, on the contrary, the destination is the third country, the export taxes must be paid by the buyer, with  AUREO & CALICÓ being responsible for the administrative and customs management expenses. In no case will shipments be dispatched until the buyer has an exportation license.

8.    Any insurance and shipping charges will always be paid by the buyer who will assume the risks of shipping.

9.    The authenticity of the lots included in this catalogue is guarantee by AUREO & CALICÓ, unless otherwise stated.

10. Returns of lots purchased in the auction room, or previously inspected by the buyer, are not allowed under any circumstances. Returns of lots purchased by mail bid will be allowed within a maximum of eight days from receipt, only if a justified or reasonable cause exists. Returns of group lots are not allowed under any circumstance.

11.  AUREO & CALICÓ can refuse any purchase order received based on its own criteria.

12.  Non regular customers must provide AUREO & CALICÓ with financial proof of solvency prior to the sale in order for their bids to be accepted.

13.  Lots will remain as seller’s property until they are paid for.

14.  Participation in the auction implies the full compliance and acceptance of these auction terms and conditions.

15.  In the event of any dispute arising from this auction, or the interpretation of these terms and conditions, it will fall under the jurisdiction of the tribunals of Barcelona. 

16. These conditions are available in Spanish and English, being the Spanish version definitive in the event of any disputes.

17. Auction Sale conducted according to the IAPN rules.